The Story Behind the Book

Tony had just turned 16 when he spent a day with his idol John F. Kennedy. It is a true story, written exactly as it took place during President Kennedy’s visit to the author’s hometown, Tampa, Florida, on November 18, 1963.

The author, now a veteran journalist, advertising and real estate practitioner, describes the day he experienced the President of the United States only four days before the chief executive would be assassinated in Dallas.

Young Tony's experience could probably never happen again. The times, the current levels of security, the constraints of a tight schedule, and so many other factors would prevent a president from interacting with the public and especially a young photographer in the same way Kennedy did on that fateful day.

It's doubtful a kid, shootng for his high school newspaper, could possibly gain the same access today.

Tony tells you exactly what it was like to interact with the President of the United States and one so beloved by the masses. He describes the planning, excitement, security precautions and even several personal brushes he had with Kennedy.

His pictures are amazing and well presented. It’s a book you’ll want to pass down for generations so others can see and understand what happened fifty years ago.

“John F. Kennedy: An Amazing Day for a President and a Kid with His Camera" is also a great gift for those who remember Kennedy first hand and for those who were not around to experience Camelot.



John F. Kennedy - An Amazing Day for a President and a Kid with His Camera. A first hand account of five hours following JFK on his visit to Tampa on November 18, 1963, only four days before Dallas. Books, posters and prints available.

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